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Rehabilitation - Conditioning - Wellness

With veterinary referral, we treat our canine rehabilitation patients for ailments such as dysplasia, osteoarthritis, gait abnormalities, orthopedic and neurologic injuries, surgeries, and weight-related issues.

Our canine rehabilitation services include a number of modalities that can aid in your dogs recovery from surgery or injuries.  We will design an individualized program based upon the needs of your dog.  This may include message, therapeutic cold laser, range of motion, joint mobilization, therapeutic exercise, gait training, core strengthening, or hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy includes
the use of our sate of art Hudson Underwater treadmill.  We are able to use the natural properties of water to provide low impact exercise using the underwater treadmill to help with your dogs muscle strength and endurance.

In addition, Fit For A Dog offers preoperative consultations to help you prepare yourself, your dog and your home for your dog's upcoming surgery.  Fit For A Dog offers conditioning and wellness programs to ensure your dog is performing at its best.

We will customize a program based upon your dog's needs.  We offer strengthening, range of motion, endurance training, core strengthening, and comprehensive weight loss programs.

Our underwater treadmill can be used as part of your dog's conditioning program.


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