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Fit For A Dog
Rehab - Wellness
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Rehab & Wellness

Fit For A Dog™ is a state of the art canine rehabilitation and wellness center offering a variety of modalities to allow canines to begin the rehabilitation process earlier than previously available.  Primary to these services is our underwater treadmill system.

The underwater treadmill system uses the natural properties of water to help with rehabilitation, exercise, cardiovascular conditioning, and muscle toning.  

As a center of excellence for the exercise, conditioning, and therapy of canines, Fit For A Dog brings these services to the eastern Main Line in a convenient location.  In addition, we  offer exercise and conditioning programs for aging family dogs, working dogs, and show dogs.

When you bring your canine to us we start off with an individualized independent evaluation that is the basis for our plan of care that can include massage/manual treatment, low level cold laser, shockwave, hydrotherapy, heat/cryotherapy, and individual therapeutic exercise programs.therapy, massage/manual, and range of motion treatments.

We also offer specialized conditioning and strengthening programs that focus on your dogs needs. Additionally we can provide comprehensive weight loss programs for overweight dogs.

Other Services
Fit For A Dog™ also provides wellness seminars periodically, call us for more details.

21 N. Eagle Road
Havertown, PA 19083
610.449.4243 (fax)
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